Brilliant Awards 2011

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Integration of Postoffice from CodX to P/I OfficeMail solutions

Submitted by:
Logistic Mail Factory GmbH
Submitted on:
30 Apr, 2011
Profitable Communication Award

Company Profile

Logistic-Mail-Factory GmbH is an alternative, private-run postal company in Bavaria, in Southern Germany. 

Introduction / Executive Summary

The requirement is to receive the letters electronically from companies instead of physically, to register the letters electronically to CodX Postoffice software as well as print, finish, register and bill them fully automatically. This way the provider optimizes their processes and increases efficiency within the workflow significantly. 

Business Challenge

  • Registering the letters to CodX Postoffice electronically
  • Adding sorting information & barcode (UPOC) in address field area
  • sorting the documents in the approriate order given by CodX
  • address clearing
  • fully automated workflow without any manual steps (scanning and sorting)
  • full integration in the CodX billing solution
    • electronical pre-sorting will reduce the physical sorting to a minimum

Solution Description

Logistic-Mail-Factory, CodX Postoffice and Pitney Bowes created an interface which enables LMF to solve the above mentioned business challenges.

Results Acheived

  • Increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency
  • Decreased by 60% production costs by fully automated scanning and sorting 

This approach for hybrid mail solutions offers unique market advantages to all alternative postal companies.