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Emdeon moves to full color processing

Submitted by:
Jon Eaton
Submitted on:
20 Apr, 2011
Colorful Communication Award

Emdeon is a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers and patients in the U.S. healthcare system. Emdeon's product and service offerings integrate and automate key business and administrative functions of its payer and provider customers throughout the patient encounter. Through the use of Emdeon's comprehensive suite of products and services, which are designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures, customers are able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more efficiently manage the complex revenue and payment cycle and clinical information exchange processes.

In order to move to the best and latest technology, Emdeon chose to become the 9th install in the world to implement the IntelliJetTM Printing System for advanced, full-color statement printing technology.

This involved many departments within Emdeon as well as HP and Pitney Bowes personnel, working together on everything from programming to inventory.This had to be done in a manner that would not affect our customers statement quality or delivery.

Our statement printing facility is currently outfitted with three IntelliJetTM roll-fed systems that can efficiently print full-color, eye-catching statements quickly and easily to provide greater printing flexibility and more customization. These new printing systems handle two-thirds of the statement printing volume with the rest being phased in throughout Q2 of 2011. This has been a seamless transition for our customers. 

With these units fully installed, Emdeon is be able to print patient statements in their entirety quickly and easily in a single print run at full production speed. In the past, patient statements that included color elements passed through an outside vendor first. During the first round, only the parts of the statement that were printed in color, such as the provider’s logo, were printed by the vendor. Then, the pre-printed shells were sent through the  black and white printer to add personalized information such as the patient’s name and account balance. This also meant maintaining cutsheet of inventory of up to 85 million sheets.

What this means to Manufacturing

  • Elimination of the cost and storage space of millions of sheets of paper
  • Excess print capacity to better handle spikes in volume and future growth
  • Efficient, quicker processing that moves mail to the USPS quicker decreasing delivery time to the consumer
  • Streamlined operation with greater efficiency and safety

What this means to our customers

There are several unique advantages to printing the entire patient statement at the same time with this innovative technology:

  • Only pay for the paper you use – Virtually eliminates the extra cost associated with storing and destroying unused pre-printed materials that are out-of-date.
  • Accelerate patient statement receipt– Reduces the amount of pre-press time between print runs since the inventory of paper will drop from over a 89 million units of pre-printed forms to just  rolls of blank white paper for all statement printing.
  • Improves accuracy – Get peace of mind knowing each statement is printed in a single print-run with minimal risk of having the wrong pre-printed shell being loaded onto the equipment