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2013 Brilliant Communication Award Winners


New York, New York, USA

Citi, the leading global bank, was awarded a Brilliant Communication Award for applying innovative digital color print technology to help eliminate pre-printed forms, lower postage costs, and enhance their customers’ experience. As part of a White Paper Factory™ environment, Citi is using Pitney Bowes printing systems to produce full-color, 100-percent variable data statements. Citi is able to add personalized offers and other relevant information to their newly designed statements to drive higher levels of customer engagement.

Fenske Media

Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

Fenske Media, a thought leader in direct response communications, was awarded a Brilliant Communication Award for leveraging the outside of the envelope by adding relevant, targeted messages to help build stronger and more effective relationships with their clients and prospects. Fenske Media is using the Print+ Messenger™ Color Inkjet System integrated with the Mailstream Productivity Series inserter system to efficiently produce client communications that deliver greater value and increased results.

Incepture Print Solutions

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Incepture Print Solutions won a Brilliant Communication Award for integrating their print-and-mail operations to provide more engaging, colorful statements and bills for their clients. Incepture Print Solutions transformed their print-and-mail operations to a White Paper Factory™ environment, which eliminates the need for pre-printed forms and envelopes. All documents and envelopes are created and printed from rolls of plain white paper. The White Paper Factory solutions include two IntelliJet® 20 Printing Systems to consistently print full color, 100-percent variable data and two Mailstream Wrapper™ Productivity Series to transform mail finishing into a highly efficient, continuous workflow by using continuous rolls of paper to produce high-quality envelopes. These automated solutions help provide high-integrity and process control for producing important health insurance communications including statements and bills.

TNT Post Italia

Milan, Italy

TNT Post Italia, a leading mail delivery services provider in Italy and one of the most efficient postal operators in the world, won a Brilliant Communication Award for their mailing sorting solution. TNT Post Italia's Decision System centralizes complex sorting rules, intelligence and protocols into one center in Milan. The Pitney Bowes Vantage™ Mail Sorting System seamlessly integrates into this complex software environment to help provide increased productivity. This new technology has helped TNT Post Italia to improve new processes for the delivery branch offices and new value added services for TNT Post Italia customers.


Durham, North Carolina, USA

Verizon won a Brilliant Communication Award for leveraging the outside of the envelope by adding targeted messages to drive open and response rates, and increase client engagement. Verizon is using Print+ Messenger™ Color Inkjet Systems to add colorful, relevant messages on the outside of their clients’ statements envelopes. As a result, Verizon’s print and mail operation is helping to decrease costs, improve operational efficiency, better serve their clients, and grow revenue.

2011 Hall of Fame

Powerful Communication Award

Tri-Win Digital Print and Direct Mail, Dallas, TX, USA

Tri-Win Digital Print and Direct Mail, a direct mail house and digital print shop, won the Powerful Communication Award for improved productivity, efficiencies and quality. Tri-Win used FlowMaster® RS Flex Inserting Systems with optional camera verification systems, and in-line inkjet printing station capabilities. The solutions helped Tri-Win increase the speed, and reliability of its envelope insertion process, and more importantly, increase its statement mailing customer base.

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Colorful Communication Award

Emdeon, Toledo, OH, USA

Emdeon, a leading provider of healthcare revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, won the Colorful Communication Award for migrating to full digital color White Paper Factory™ solutions. Emdeon used IntelliJet™ roll-fed printing systems; APS and MPS Advanced Productivity Series Inserting Systems; a FPS™ Split Drive Inserting System; and Pitney Bowes software to drive the printers and provide reports for tracking and management analysis. As a result, Emdeon can now print full-color, eye-catching patient statements quickly and easily in a single print run at full production speed. Emdeon also streamlined operations for greater efficiency, eliminated costs and storage space for millions of sheets of paper, increased print capacity to better handle volume spikes and future growth, and shortened mail delivery time to the consumer.

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Profitable Communication Award

Logistic Mail Factory GmbH, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

In January 2010, CIMB Bank implemented an end-to-end solution for its customer communication management built with PBBI products including Data Flow (ETL), Customer Data Quality Platform (CDQP), DOC1 and e2 Vault. CIMB Bank is now able to integrate and consolidate data from disparate sources, consolidate statements and perform dynamic targeted marketing. In addition, the bank has shortened statement processing and lead times, realized dramatic cost savings and increased marketing effectiveness and customer take up rate.

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Innovators Choice Award

PSC Info Group, Oaks, PA, USA

PSC Info Group, a national provider of innovative, technology-enabled solutions and proven revenue acceleration tools to streamline the collection of consumer payments, won the award for the most innovative solution. PSC Info Group accepts data from various clients, most of which are collections or medical in nature. PSC Info Group uses P/I Output Manager software with VDE centralized output management and P/I Wizard software along side their document creation software, and developed a way to pass information to the P/I products from the document creation software by embedding them in the document files themselves. PSC Info Group is now able to group significantly more jobs together for increased efficiency. In addition, the solutions have helped PSC Info Group simplify the process of linking Intelligent Mail® barcodes with stored return data, resulting in reduced server overhead.

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